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Summer time is all about celebrating the 4th of July with watermelon and fireworks. We love the magic and mystery that fireworks portray in their array of colors, sounds and movements. They are awe inspiring and romantic. We love them as children and we love them as adults. Over this past holiday, I tried taking pictures of fireworks. I had read that it is very difficult to capture a good shot. There are so many things to think about, aperture, shutter speed, tri-pod… However, what I found to be most difficult was focusing. You have to focus your camera, in the dark, where there are no objects, hoping that you have the camera zoomed in on where a firework might explode? Really?! Really?! It is really comical. How can you focus a camera on the black night sky without an object there to focus on?

It seems to me so much like life. We are trying so hard, trying to figure out where to place our focus, are we focusing in the right direction, are we going to succeed? Do we focus on our career? Do we focus on having a family? Can we focus on both and if we do what will we miss out on?  With photography, if you focus too much to the right, you will miss it. If you don’t focus high enough, the firework will explode outside the frame of the camera. So, what do you do? As in life, you trust, you hope, you have a blind faith. We can’t see where we are going sometimes or the outcome, yet we have to try. We keep trying. Failure is when you give up and stop trying. I took about 300 photos of fireworks the night of the 4th. I kept trying. I would point, focus then shoot. Look at the results, make the necessary adjustments and try again, and again, and again. This is life. Try, see the results and then make the necessary adjustments to reach our goal. So, out of all that effort, 300 pictures, these few are the best. Was it worth it! You bet it was! They joy I have that a few came out is success enough for me! Do I hope to do better next time? Of course, but I hope I never give up trying.

I was reading Jesus Calling with my children and Sarah Young had so much to add as well.

A Taste of Heaven, “‘ I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.’ John 15:11

When you come to Me, be ready. I am a God of unlimited blessings. So get ready to be blessed. Open up your heart and mind to receive more and more of Me. And as you do, I will pour out My blessings of Love, Peace and Joy-until you are overflowing. These blessings are only a tiny taste of what waits for you in heaven. The Joy that you have from Me now is like a sparkler in your own backyard, while the Joy of heaven is more like the fireworks in Washington DC on the Fourth of July- but ever so much greater! I give you real Joy in this world, but in heaven I will make your Joy complete and overflowing!”

Hope today is full of the Joy that only He can give.


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