Creative Photography #2

Creative Photography #2

By on January 9th, 2014

January 8th 2014
Finally time to focus on my photography class. Homework: take 100 pictures of something that you are drawn to. What am I drawn to about photographs? What speaks to my soul? I am finding that I am also drawn by people’s faces, expressions and the eyes in particular. Eyes are the gateway to the soul. They can reflect joy, pain, sorrow, jubilation… you can fake a smile, but you can’t fake the emotions your eyes show. Perspective! Perspective can change everything. Perspective through a camera changes the light, the mood, the color and the emotions the picture conveys.  Taking 100 pictures of something really helps you to see this. It also makes me paying attention to details such a background color; here two dark, one busy and two light neutrals and a blue background. They reflect completely different moods as well as stages of the flowers life.



2 comments on “Creative Photography #2

  1. I wish I had taken pictures of the flower evolving until it had completely withered. I took most of the 100 in the beginning and then this last one. It would have been neat to have a spectrum of the evolution of the flower. I did not realize how beautiful it would look with the petals almost gone. Oh well. Next time.

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