About me


Welcome and thank you for viewing my site. After being a stay at home mom for the past 10 years, I decided to refocus my time and energy on one of my passions, photography. Like many photographers, I have had a camera in my hand since I was a child. I loved how a picture could connect you to people and places and re-create memories that had passed. For me, photography also captures the God created beauty and peace in nature that is so often missing in our daily lives. Time goes by and we don’t “stop to smell the roses”. We don’t take the time to find peace in sitting still and enjoying the beauty of the world. I hope you are inspired by my photography and are able to grab a cup of tea, sit for awhile and take in the joy and peace through exploring these photos.

A bit about me, I am originally from Columbus, Georgia and currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida. I graduated from Converse College with a BA in psychology. While in college, I had the chance to take photography and learn about cameras, lenses and the more technical aspect of the art. After college, I married the love of my life and began to focus on my other passion, counseling. I graduated with a Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and began counseling and helping others as well as starting our family. After recently being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, I realized I was giving to everyone but myself. It was time to change and to make myself a priority by putting my physical, mental and spiritual needs first. It is a life changing journey and time for me to do something that gives my spirit joy, lifts my mind and isn’t too physically demanding while I heal. So, I began to refocus my creative energy on my photography, specifically finding God’s peace in nature photography. It is still a work in progress and I am learning daily. I hope you enjoy what you find here and stop by often as it changes daily.